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Dipendu Chanda

Hello you! 👋
I'm a tech professional trying to figure life out holistically. What I do end up figuring out, I try to share!

In terms of experience, I have tasted and sometimes dived deep into all data stages. From Software Development, Admin, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence to Data Science for Product, Clients to Customers; from FAANG to Startups. Happy to talk about the differences!

"The world is one big data problem, and if truly loving data is wrong, I don’t want to be right."

Hello! I'm Dipendu

"You can Depend on Me!"

As a skilled and experienced professional in the Data world, I know how much hard work and careful thought it takes to design a system & derive valuable insights for a successful business. This site is my way of documenting everything I’ve done, everything I’ve learned and how I see myself developing in the future. If you’d like to learn more about me, browse through the site. If you see something you like, or you want to discuss what I can do for you, feel free to drop me a line.


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Machine Learning
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence


AWS | Azure | GCP

Databricks & Snowflake


Spark with Scala or Python | NoSQL - MongoDB | HiveQL


R | Python (Most Industry leading open source DS Packages) | Java | SAS | Scala | SQL
Alteryx | Tableau

And of course various Machine Learning models in these languages. I personally prefer Python or R over SAS


Pat Murray, Director at
American Airlines

Dipendu came to American Airlines with the perfect energy and skillset we needed to help us launch our business intelligence initiatives. During his tenure, working essentially on his own with very little direction, he was able to dig deep into understanding our needs and develop a dashboard that will enable us to better understand our Mechanic training qualification status. He immediately became part of our family. It was sad to see him go and hope we are able to bring him back someday.

Pat has been a great mentor of mine. He recently retired to help with his wife's Pie Shop! :-)


Preston Lander, Product Lead at Meta

Dipendu was an analyst developer on my project team. His positive energy, creativity, and determination was a difference maker for team morale and our output as a whole. Loved having Dipendu on board and can highly recommend him.


Nick Winward, 
Sr. Strategy Consultant at 
Southwest Airlines

I worked last summer with Dipendu and found him to be highly skilled in data analytics, report automation, and project consulting. He knows his stuff! Dipendu is a solid team player and is always willing to do his part on the team. He is also very teachable, friendly, and helpful. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

AUG 2021 - Present

Customer Success


Senior Customer Success Engineer


Serving as the Databricks technical advisors to improve customer's value, and offer advice, in turn, analyzing some of the most complex distributed processing systems and customers challenge. Also helping sales, product, engineering, developer, support, and marketing teams to improve and promote its products.

AUG 2018 - Aug 2021



Deloitte Consulting

Senior Consultant / Sr. Financial Data Scientist

Client: Wells Fargo Retail and Wholesale Banking

  • Oversaw inventory financing for data modeling & credit analysis using financial statements, sub-ledgers & indicative data

  • Enabled Financial Transformation for Federal Regulatory risk compliance

  • Led MDM team of 8+ practitioner; accomplished 47 hypothesis analysis, 17 match rule improvements & 65 data enhancement models to potentially reducing data steward manual effort by 70%, and data quality improvement for ~12 million parties

Firm Eminence / Practice Development:

  • Led a team of 4 US practitioners to develop AI algorithm for Image feature extraction using Convolutional Neural Network for Kohl's

  • Authored Deloitte white papers on topics - “AI/ML-Driven Financial Use cases” and “Machine Learning for Deloitte Practitioner”

  • Designed and implemented Employee performance prediction and management statistical model to support employees facing health & work challenges

  • Built Capital Finance Eminence for new hires into the Financial Services Industry

  • Designed NEWS Platform for PPMDs to target changing businesses and clients (using AI on various NEWS sources and Deloitte's Offerings)

  • Implemented attributes relationship to identify the source of various outliers in the financial industry fluctuations

* Received 2 Applause awards and 1 promotion

MAY 2018 - AUG 2018

Data Visualization Specialist


American Airlines

  • Strategic analysis & visualization to resolve complex business needs, working directly with the Technical Operations Director

  • Forecasting needed courses with Instructors, crew qualifications & finding the best maintenance station

  • Designed data architecture models, automated data refresh in Alteryx and Tableau server

  • Generated Alteryx and Tableau automated interactive visualizations for crew chiefs, supervisors, senior executives including senior managers, directors, and VP

JAN 2018 - MAY 2018

Data Analyst Intern

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

  • Built models using Statistical techniques like Bayesian HMM and Machine Learning classification models like XGBoost, SVM, and RandomForest

  • Immersive Data Science Intern program involving Data Manipulation & Visualization, Web Scraping, Machine Learning Models, SQL on Teradata, GIT, Unix & HDFS Commands, NoSQL - MongoDB, Hadoop 

  • Setup storage and data analysis tools in Amazon Web Services cloud computing infrastructure

AUG 2017 - DEC 2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Univrsity of Texas at Dallas

University of Texas​​​​

  • Educated students on Data Management(MIS 6326), Transaction Management, SQL, MS Access, Relational DB models, Entity Relation Diagram, Normalization
  • Assisted professor in course planning, constructing tests and proctoring exams, grading assignments, and conducting lab sessions
  • Mentored students by preparing course material, answering course-related questions, and motivate them in a creative direction
  • Built a tool to automate paper grading- Got Appreciation from many Professors and JSOM
MAY 2017 - AUG 2017

Operational Analyst Intern

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

  • Generated KPI predictions in base periods by applying predictive analytics on combined data from Teradata, weather patterns, itineraries, Federal Aviation Administration, & location tracking system (Tools: R, Alteryx, Tableau, Excel)

  • Analyzed flight records to detect operational anomaly at station level; Accuracy testing of 5 million $ forecasting investment

  • Automated several visualizations used for monthly meetings with upper management including VP and SWA directors​

AUG 2014 - JUL 2016

Software Engineer

Kaplan University

Deloitte Consulting

Software Developer (Salesforce) & Data Scientist for Clients


  • Generated $20+ million profit by enabling client to target the customers that are highly likely to attrite using R

  • Utilized K-means clustering to discover peers and applied Student’s T-test to check the significance of various metrics decline​​

H. J. Heinz

  • Provided visibility into product attributes that impact the customer buying behavior using Lasso regression model

  • Used cross-validation technique to identify the best value for regularization parameter and obtained rmse of 0.14​

Kaplan University

  • Led a team of 5 to perform analysis on the learning behavior and built SFDC rule engine for student acceptance criteria

  • Identified underperforming metrics to improve profitability based on student behavior for services department

Univar USA

  • Performed end-to-end requirement analysis and worked extensively in development of a credential management application

  • Designed and implemented Salesforce security including Single Sign-On, Two Factor Authentication, Profiles and Roles

MAY 2012 - JUL 2014

Analyst Intern



  • Identified issues and presented recommendations to mitigate any inadvertent risks 

  • Analyzed million of existing customers data to explore electricity consumption which resulted in generating valued insight for higher level management​

Master of Science,
Business Analytics
UT Dallas
Bachelor of Science,
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
NIT Calicut

University of Texas​​​​

Specialization - Data Science

GPA 4.00


  1. Lars Magnus Ericsson Scholarship

  2. Dean's Excellence Scholarship

National Institute of Technology Calicut

GPA 3.80


  1. Won the wireless racing robot competition at Tathva’12

  2. Amongst top 0.5 percent of over 1,100,000 applicants in the All India Engineering Entrance Exam.

Southwest Airlines
Univar USA
Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
Google Analytics

SnowPro Core Certified (Snowflake)

Feb 2021

Microsoft Azure Certified

Jan 2021

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate (Candidate ID: 1001566)

AUG 2018

AWS Certified Developer – Associate (ID: BXP6VMHKL1V4Q433)

MAR 2018

Dell EMC Certified Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

OCT 2017

Google Analytics Certified

AUG 2017

Data Science Specialization from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SEPT 2016

Salesforce Certified Developer (DEV401)

MAR 2016

Don’t hesitate to connect!

Dipendu Chanda